We have volunteered on three previous projects with EMI:


Prayers Farm -  A fish farm training centre 

in Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria - 2009 (Rob)


Muñoz Ministries - A pastor training centre and retreat centre in Danlí, Honduras - 2012 (Rob and Helen)


CIEMBIN Campus - A bible institute and retreat centre

in Managua, Nicaragua - 2019 (Rob)

Details below

Monte Sion master plan model.png


A group of 46 Baptist Churches in Managua, Nicaragua have ambitious plans to develop their 5 acre site into a bible institute and Christian retreat centre

In March 2019 an EMI team worked with the leadership team from CIEMBIN on the site plan design to include a bible institute, auditorium, sports facilities and onsite accommodation. The team delivered the masterplan, concept design, phasing strategy and outline costs. The final presentation can be found here.


Muños Ministries

A new centre dedicated to the training of the next generation of pastors in Honduras

The EMI team worked with Muños Ministireis to survey their 15 acre valley site and produce the masterplan and concept design for the new pastor training facility and retreat centre.

Helen worked in the surveying team whilst Rob delivered the site wide energy strategy. Rob's presentation can be found here.


Prayers Farm Nigeria

A new fish farm training centre in Akwa Ibom State

The EMI team delivered the masterplan and concept design for a fish farm training centre and bible institute. The mission of Prayers Farm is to promote a protein rich diet and improve local job opportunities whilst training people to become fishers of men.

Rob delivered the sitewide energy strategy and designed a biogas digester to produce methane from the waste of 30,000 fish and 3,500 chickens! The project's final presentation is found here