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Support Raising

As with all overseas EMI staff we don't receive a salary from EMI but instead raise the funds to provide all that we need for our time over here. That includes rent, food, vehicle costs, school fees, flights etc. We're so grateful for the incredible support we're receiving from several churches and an amazing number of friends and family members.

This ministry update document explains some more about what we’ve been doing, the vision, mission and impact and about why we’re currently in the process of seeking to raise additional funds. If you or your church or organisation would like to find out more please email us at

We'll be visiting the UK in December and January 2022/23 and would be delighted to share more in person if you or your church would like to be added to our list of visits.

If you would like to donate to the work that God is doing through EMI in Latin America then please click on the donate button above, providing the reference 'Quail Family'

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